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Reclaimed Timber Furniture & Boxes

Mirror #1008

MIRROR #1008 An Australiarna design mirror frame.(Old hardwood fence palings) It measures 1400mm x 1300mm and the mirror itself is 900 x...

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Mirror #1007

MIRROR #1007 A new design mirror frame.(new for me that is) It measures 1500mm x 600mm and is made from I don’t know what timber, possibly...

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Mirror #1006

MIRROR #1006 This frame was made from rejects for a Cedar for a table I built. I like the irregular shape with the different patterns in...

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Mirror #1005

MIRROR #1005 Made from a piece of Red Gum timber (part of an order left over from a Coffee table commission) I like the irregular shape...

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Mirror #1004

MIRROR #1004 A laminated Meranti timber Frame (made from timber that I bought when I made a door frame for the back of my house) cut in a...

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Mirror #1003

MIRROR #1003 A Simple frame made from old hardwood fence palings. It’s funny how when one thing is old and past its use by date can...

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