CIBSE WA – Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

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Dr Chris Jones is the National Secretary of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and chair of the WA branch. Formally trained in chemistry (B.Sc. University of New England) and plant biology (PhD, University of Western Australia) Chris took an early interest in energy, environment and sustainability issues, and was particularly motivated by a keen interest in self-sufficiency. While living in Canada conducting research into sandalwood oil biosynthesis in 2008, he rode an electric bicycle for the first time and was hooked. The start of his electric mobility journey began. Chris will give a presentation on electric mobility, and present the case that electrified transport is the best chance we have of decarbonising the sector responsible for one fifth of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. He will explain why the shift to EVs is both inevitable and necessary, and that only minor changes need to be made to facilitate an enormous shift in how we think about energy. The solar home, with a bit of help from the battery powered car, will be the crucible of the energy revolution.

CIBSE WA – Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
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