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Reclaimed Timber Furniture & Boxes

Mirror #1007

MIRROR #1007

A new design mirror frame.(new for me that is) It measures 1500mm x 600mm and is made from I don’t know what timber, possibly a pine variant, although it smells like Cedar.  I’ve had this timber in my shed for about 15 years and it had been eaten by termites (before I got it) in some areas but not in others which is why I decided to carve out the bad sections and this is what was left.


Remember that almost all my Mirror frames are made from reclaimed and recycled timber.

All items carry blemishes, marks, mistakes and are one of a kind. No two items are exactly the same.

Measurements. 1500 mm wide x 610 mm high and around 40 mm thick.

Weight. 7.5 Kg.





Price: AU$215.00 Pick up only. Maroochydore QLD

  • Australian sales only.