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Reclaimed Timber Furniture & Boxes

Furniture #3004


#3004 is made from old pallet timber. (NZ Pine)

Vintage Out Door Table (I guess you could have it inside)

In a previous life, the Base of the table was a Pine Desk.

The Top is two cross layers of pine timber slats from damaged freight pallets,

and a 70 by 35mm frame to stiffen and strengthen the top.

Pick up only.

Top 1230 x 1225 and is 725mm high, the base is 285 x 45 sections.

Remember that almost all my products are made from reclaimed and recycled timber.

All items carry blemishes, marks, mistakes and are one of a kind. No two items are exactly the same.

Weight N/A



Price: AU$650.00 Pickup only

Australia only