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Reclaimed Timber Furniture & Boxes

About Us

“BOX OFFICE PLUS” Where did the name come from?

Well I’ve always like boxes of all shapes and sizes. I can recall looking at jewellery boxes in shop windows as a kid and thinking how great do they look. My dad was a storeman in a shirt factory and our first dining table was made from old packing crates that the fabrics were packed into. The new Chrome edged Laminex table that replaced it was good, but I loved the old Crate table.

So, I make mostly Boxes.

My Office is really my workshop

Plus is because I do make other things beside boxes, and Mirrors, and other stuff. Whatever takes my fancy really.

I might be retired but I’m as busy as ever, family stuff, holidays, short trips here and there. Time just flies. My “to do list” is pretty long, so, as long as I’m healthy I’ll keep on making boxes. (Plus) (In the Office)



Mike loves timber! (From the editor)

There is little he cannot do or hasn’t already done with timber, so welcome to Box Office Plus, Mike’s reclaimed timber furniture, boxes and mirrors online shop.

Every item you see is hand made with precision and care, 50 years experience, made into items that you will be proud to own.

Remember that almost all his boxes are made from reclaimed and recycled timber.

All items carry blemishes, marks, mistakes and are one of a kind.

No two boxes are exactly the same. That goes for anything else too. Everything is one of a kind.

Box Office Plus

Q & A

Got a question or a special request, ask away here.